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Company History
Southern Forestry Realty, Inc. was formed in 1987 as a natural offshoot of Southern Forestry Consultants, Inc. by company founders Michael Dooner and Tom Sipp. As they went about servicing their forestry clients, Michael and Tom realized they had opportunities to use their knowledge of land and markets to assist those clients in buying or selling land too. In 1992, Dave Lewis joined SFR as a shareholder, followed later by shareholders Joe McGlincy, Alan Emmons, and Holmes Hendrickson. Originally operating only in Georgia and Florida, Southern Forestry Realty expanded its operations to Alabama upon opening an office in Enterprise, Alabama. In 2015, the company welcomed Ted Knight as its broker in all three states.
Our Team
Brian Gregory

Office: 850-251-5799

Holmes Hendrickson

Mobile: 334-618-2010

Dave Lewis

Mobile: 850-510-0396

Alan Emmons

Mobile: 229-220-1790

Michael Dooner

Mobile: 850-567-2800

Ted Knight

Mobile: 850-545-7243

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