Advantages of letting Southern Forestry Realty help you find your next property

We Know the Market

With over twenty-years in the land market in Southwest Georgia, North Florida and Southeast Alabama, we have an extensive knowledge base and network. Our forestry partners, Southern Forestry Consultants, are experts in evaluating timber tracts in current and future markets. This relationship helps us maintain a list of potential properties that may be on the market now or will be in the near future.

Research is Key

We can provide a detailed financial analysis of any property you are considering purchasing, whether it is our listing or not. This analysis is built around the investment criteria of how long you plan to own the property, as well as income and expenses associated with it. Southern Forestry Realty can work for you as a Buyer’s Agent in your search for the perfect property, even if we are not the listing agent. We can bring together our experience and knowledge of the market to be sure you are informed and represented well when you are ready to buy.

A Strong Network of Relationships

Being in the business for over twenty-years, we have built and maintained an extensive network and client base, including private and public investors, timber companies, land brokers, local Georgia MLS, banks, financial advisers, CPA’s, attorneys and more. These individuals or their clients may have exactly what you are looking for.